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The Trip:

Wayne and Jennene Estes will lead a team to Marmelade, Haiti from November 21-25. They will help build an Orchestra for children and teens supported by Global Orphan Project.

This amazing and talented team will give children access to needed instruments, education and training. All the while sharing the love and grace of Christ through the message of the gospel.

They will need your help to accomplish their purpose. Prayerfully consider how you might help.

The Needs

  • 12 Large Suitcases: They don’t have to be in great shape, they just have to be large and able to close.

  • Instruments: Portable instruments of all sizes: Violins, violas, cellos, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, oboes, saxophones, guitars, trombones, baritones, up-right bases, French horns or any large instruments.

  • Accessories: bows, strings, rosin, chin rests, shoulder rests, mouthpieces, reeds, bridges, capos, drum heads, rock stops, music stands and cases.

  • Books & Classical CDs: Solo books-especially Suzuki, method books, ensemble music, Suzuki CDs (they LOVE these), classical music CDs.

All supplies can be dropped off at LCC by Friday November 16, 2018

Contact Jennene Estes for more information: Jennene@thecatoctinschoolofmusic.com