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Guide to fasting

Choosing to fast is something between you and our Lord. We hope you will pray earnestly and enjoy the amazing fellowship with our Father.

Getting Started:

After dinner on Tuesday, read though a few passages, possibly Psalm 145 – 150, which are Psalms of praise and adoration. Commit the next day to Lord, in this practice of sacrifice and uncommon focus.

Ask him to reveal any sin that remains in your life. Confess that sin and continue in prayer as you go through the rest of your night and into the next day.

 Continue seeking wisdom for the church. Asking God to bring about unity about as we collectively seek his will for the next year and future of LCC.  Ask God to show you anything that is not according to his plan and wisdom.  Ask him to show you any area in which we are not being aggressive enough or where we are underestimating his power and authority.

 As Wednesday progresses, keep taking time to go back to the Word seeking wisdom from scripture and committing your ways and the ways of LCC to God.  Ask him to clarify your role in the life of this body. Ask him to reveal how your gifts and talents are to be exercised right here at LCC.  

 Take time to listen without speaking. The time you would normally be eating or prepping for your meal.

Take the time to write down anything you believe the Lord is revealing to you, any direction you would like others in the church to pray over and anything he brings into focus.

Ending our fast: If you can’t join us for dinner, end your fast again by thanking him and committing your ways and the ways of our church to him.


 Have a great evening in prayer and fasting before the Lord. We will post our morning scripture, encouragement and prayers by 7:00am tomorrow.

--- Pastor Tim