Become a Member

Being a member of Leesburg Community Church isn't about your rights. It's about your responsibilities, more like being part of a family.

As a Leesburg Community Church member,  you agree that:

1. Jesus is my example, teacher, friend, redeemer, and Lord.  He is the source of my life; the central reference point for my faith and lifestyle, for my understanding of Church, and my engagement of society.  I am dedicated to following Jesus and worshiping Him.

2. I am dedicated to being His good news to the poor, powerless, and persecuted.

3. I am dedicated to being a disciple and making disciples, as well as creating a place of friendship, mutual accountability, and worship. 

4. I am dedicated to nurturing and developing a church in which all generations are valued, leadership is consultative, roles are related to gifts, and baptism is for believers. 

5. I am dedicated to finding ways of sharing generously, creating a culture that society looks to, and working for justice.

6. I am devoted to living in peace with others as well as learning how to make peace between individuals, among churches, and in society. 

7. I am devoted to personally investing my God-provided gifts and resources with this church community in this mission.